Light Up Letter Hire For Weddings – 6 Top Ideas

Light up letter hire for weddings is a great way to make it unique and they have proven very popular over the last few years. As new trends become “the norm” then people try and use these ideas in new and quirky ways. So This is a list of the 6 best ways to get more from your light up letter hire. Rather than the tradition light up LOVE or Light up MR & MRS.

1. Initials

Initials with an ampersand or heart? Perhaps make it personal and unique to you by having your initials in lights. Even if you have the same initials we probably  still can  help as we carry duplicates of lots of letters.

2. Surname

Your surname in light up letters? If you are both going to be sharing the same surname then why not make that your feature in light up letters? You can even add a small “The” to enhance the photo opportunity anything to get people to be taking photos on your wedding day. As a result names make it personal almost everyone will want a picture with your light up letters.

3. Venue

What about your venue name in lights? It makes a wonderful photo opportunity for guests to remember your stunning wedding venue hence how we took at This picture at Walton Hall Hotel.

4. Memorable Word

How about something unique and memorable that really captures both of you? This in light up letters would be something that guests would remember for years to come as  a result there are lots of ideas of words  on our main light up letters page.

5. Wedding Date

Your wedding date? Having your wedding date in lights not only creates a truly personal touch. It also ensures the more forgetful one of you both doesn’t miss your anniversary.

6. Hashtag

Lastly but not least, how about a hashtag word for your wedding day? A great way fo