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There are various means of getting your names to appear in lights. The option best suited to you will depend on the effect you wish to create, whether it’s moving or not, the colours, design and ultimately the price. On this page you will find details of our most popular options along with a few images of names in lights.

Light Up Letters

With our large light up letters, you have full control and can do as you wish. From using the couples initials to being more creative and doing something totally unique, we can cater for all of your lighting ideas!

Moving Lights

As with the fixed light, our moving head lights use either metal or glass designs, depending on the colours you require and the complexity of the design. The added bonus with moving head lights is the ability to literally move the names in light around the room or shine them on the floor or ceiling. This can add a really dramatic effect, which can change depending on what point in the day it is. For example, during a first dance the lights can sweep across the dance floor.

With the moving lights you can also have the name or image changing colour because of the built in coloured filters that are already in the lights (limited colours available).

Fixed Lighting

A fixed light is the most cost effective way of getting your name in lights.

We use a very high powered light which shines through a custom made piece of metal which has your name or initials engraved on it; thus projecting it wherever we point the lighting fixture. Depending on the complexity of the design you may need to upgrade to a glass etched option. This also allows you to add colours and create a much more detailed design.

Video Animation

If you would like something a little more dramatic our video animations will be the way to go. We use a very high powered projector that can even be seen in daylight. Combining this with a very high contrast ratio means that you can create almost anything you like. For example, imagine having your names written onto the dance floor before you step on.

First dance.. the LOVE letters made the room

‎Lisa Such

16th September 2015

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