Venue Transformation


Over the years we have transformed hundreds of empty rooms into elegant and magical spaces for both weddings and corporate events.

Venue Transformation For Weddings & Events

Looking to completely transform your venue?

Achieve a Venue Transformation Fit for Your Dreams.

Whether it’s a hotel or a rustic farm building, just introduce us to your venue, share your theme, give us a budget estimate, and leave the transformation to us!

We handle all services in-house and boast extensive experience creating the perfect ambience for your event.

Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum, including complete venue draping, ceiling drapes, enchanting fairy lights, mood-enhancing lighting, personalised dance floors, and striking custom initials or names in lights.

These are just a glimpse of the magical ways we can help you turn any space into your dream venue.

Your transformation journey can be as straightforward as infusing mood lighting and vibrant colour washes or as elaborate as delivering a comprehensive array of event or wedding decor and props.

Every aspect is tailored to your unique ideas and vision.

While we’re here to offer suggestions and guidance, our ultimate mission is to bring your creative ideas to life, ensuring your venue truly reflects your dreams.

Trust us to make your dream event a reality.

Venue Transformation In Cheltenham

A Farm Building used to store crops

We were contacted about changing this dusty old barn into a sleek room for an elegant afternoon tea followed by lots of dancing.

After Transformation

We provided full room draping, ceiling drapes to lower the height plus event carpeting throughout. We used mood lighting around the room and table pin spotting to bring light into the room. Behind the top table was a hidden party room which was revealed later on in the evening, completely kitted out with our mobile nightclub, starlit dance floor and starcloth roof linings.

Hotel Venue Transformation

Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon

Although Ettington Park is an amazing venue it can always help to add that personal touch. There are many variations on what can be done with the great drawing room, but the next image shows one of our favourite transformations.

Great Drawing Room at Ettington Park after Transformation.

This was an amazing Christmas wedding. Whilst the hotel provided the Christmas tree we did everything else to transform this gorgeous neo-gothic hotel. Pink mood lighting was placed around the room, along with a black starcloth backdrop for our Band and DJ and one of our white led black starlit dance floors.

The Cellar at Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is stunning; no other words can be used to describe it. But the cellars can always use a little enhancement to get you in the party mood

Cardiff Castle Mood lighting

A few images of a simple mood lighting installation and the effect it can have on transforming the venue. Choose from one of many colours to match with your event or wedding theme.

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    Thankyou for the amazing set up. You transformed our village hall and made it extra special!!

    ‎Sara Louise Fisher

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