Wedding DJ: 6 Tips to Know You’ve Picked the Best

How many times have you been jamming to your favorite song and feeling great only to have the next song come on be a total bummer?

It’s probably happened to everyone who listened to some music on shuffle.

So imagine how awful this type of situation could be for a wedding. There is no excuse for a bride and groom to have the happiest day of their lives dampened by a sudden play of that one Nickelback song.

This is why picking a quality wedding DJ is so important.

Green Claws specialises in bringing our customers the best when it comes to wedding entertainment. We’ve even got quality magicians on our rosters.

We know how to transform your venue with lighting and music. Trust us when we say we’ve put together a great guide to picking the best wedding DJ.

Green Claws has your back

We’ve been in the business of making your wedding and event dreams come true for a while now, and we’ve grown a lot along the way.

These days, we’re seasoned pros and feel proud of where our husband & wife-started company has come.

We’re dedicated to bringing our customers professional fun services that will wow guests and family.

Our staff will set up and perform at your events in attire appropriate for the occasion. This includes formal wear to blend into weddings and formal events.

Green Claws also prioritises your wishes. For weddings, it is your day. The music and decor should match that.

So how do we avoid the travesty of being the “bad wedding DJ”? We let you pick your music. We give you options regarding which songs are a must, maybe, or definitely not.

Your guests can even chip in prior to the event with their own requests!

In the end, we’re proud to provide our customers with the night of their lives through great entertainment and hand-picked tunes.

Setting the mood

Since you’ve gotten through the hard parts of getting to the aisle (like finding the love of your life and getting a ‘yes’ with the perfect proposal), finding a wedding DJ should not be another hurdle.

Sometimes being too lax with finding your DJ can lead to a disaster. Some companies are willing to take advantage of people.

The music at your event needs to set the mood! Music tells a story. Your wedding music should tell the story of who you two are individually and together. If you have a “song” that means a lot to you and your partner, there’s no reason for it to be followed up by Ice Ice Baby. (Unless you want it to- we don’t judge!)

This is a guide to help you set the mood so that you can pick the right wedding DJ. We’re looking to give you a magical experience at your event.

6 tips to help you pick the right wedding DJ

Because Green Claws is invested in you having the best event out there, we’ve put together our top 6 tips to help you make sure you’ve picked the best!

Know your style

This may seem obvious, but hear us out. Knowing the ins and outs of your musical style is the biggest part of picking a wedding DJ.

If you and your partner have the exact same taste in music, this can be easy. Try compiling your favorite songs. This will give your DJ an idea of the type of music, or genre, you’ll want to be played.

But if you two have opposite tastes, your DJ will need to know. Your DJ will need to feel comfortable mixing the two together. There’s a way to blend everything, and your playlist should flow between styles even if they are opposites.

Either way, your wedding mix should be a fun representation of you two!

Make sure your personalities mix

We’re not talking about the bridge and groom here. When you hire a wedding DJ, you’re getting into another relationship– with the DJ.

You are trusting this person to make your wedding great and pump up the crowd. This can only happen if you all get along and you think this person is someone you’d want to party with on a regular night.

Meet up with your DJ-to-be for an initial appointment to see if everyone’s personality and image for the event line up. If the stars are aligned, it’ll be a match made in heaven. Your DJ will transform your crowd into one that won’t leave the dance floor.

Ask how they customise for each different event

You’ll want to make sure that your wedding DJ doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to weddings.

Just as everyone has a different taste when it comes to picking clothes, your DJ should be able to give you what you want based off the information you give them. This is also why our first tip is so important.

If you give them all the right info, and you feel that your DJ isn’t customising their selection to your liking, it may be time to consider having a serious talk or moving on.

You should also ensure that your DJ is willing to customise how they speak or dress at your wedding. Each event has a different feel, so maybe your DJ will have to tone down their propensity to scream “SHOTS” after each song. They may have to change into a tux or other attire. This should be okay on their end.

Listen to their mixes

So your potential DJ-to-be has said all the right things. Now it’s time to see if they fit the bill.

It seems like they can put together the perfect mix for you and everyone gets along.

Now all you need to do is listen to their mixes. See if everything sounds the way it should and that you enjoy the way they make the songs flow together. It isn’t an exact science, but a good wedding DJ should know the art of making things sound just right.

Ask how they get the audience pumped up

Okay, your wedding party should already be pumped up. They’re on board to get the rest of the guests out on the dance floor. But your DJ needs to pull his weight.

Your wedding DJ should feel comfortable addressing the crowd when they need to. Whether it’s announcing the bridge and groom when they enter the room, or getting everyone onto the dance floor, this is something they can’t mess up.

So be clear about your expectations and find out what they do to amp up the crowd.

Are weddings their main gig?

As our final tip, we advise everyone to find out if their DJ plays weddings as a hobby or if it is the bulk of their business.

Finding out this information can let you know whether or not they are the professional you need to fit the bill of your wedding.

And, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about what type of vision and needs you have for your event!